Rotterdam Summit 2018

The fourth Zero Suicide International summit will take place in the Netherlands, hosted by Dr. Jan Mokkenstorm and 113 Suicide Prevention [Read more here].


Let’s Meet Don Berwick

In preparation for Rotterdam 2018, Dr. Jan Mokkenstorm interviews Dr. Don Berwick on quality and Zero Suicide [View on YouTube].


ISMICC: A Huge Step Forward

The inaugural meeting ISMICC was an important step to better health and quality of life to members of our community with the most significant needs [Read more here].

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Yes I Can. Embracing Recovery

In 1965, Sammy Davis Jr. sang, “Yes, I can.” Mr. Show Business was actually much more familiar with a jarring repetition of “No… you can’t” [Read more here].


The Bugs & the Bees

It’s time to sit down and have that awkward talk. We cannot put it off any longer. It’s time to explain why mental health really matters for all of us [Read more here].


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I grew up in the era of Community Mental Health, which provided significant advances over the prior 150 years of institutions and confinement for individuals with mental illness. I’m passionate about healthcare innovation, and believe it’s time to once again engineer a third revolution in behavioral healthcare.

shutterstock_225332668In addition to my executive leadership roles, I tweet, blog and speak internationally on new ideas in behavioral health management, big data and technology solutions, recovery and peer leadership, zero suicide strategies, measured outcomes, next-generation crisis systems, wellness and clinical care.

To view my personal blogs or see presentations, just click on the links above. You may contact me using the form below. Thank you for your interest.