Innovation Timeline


2019-01-26_11-04-38International Declaration Zero Suicide – After ZSI4 in Rotterdam, 100+ leaders published the call to action to find the tipping points in healthcare.


2019-01-26_12-51-02Be the Change Crisis Services Report – After CRISIS1, RI and NHS Clinical Commissioners recommendations for effective psychiatric emergency care.

2019-01-26_10-39-45Zero Suicide International 4 Summit – In September, hosted 19 nations in Rotterdam partnering with 113 Suicide Prevention and Deloitte Netherlands.

2019-01-26_10-41-20NASMHPD Annual Commissioners Meeting – With Dr. John Draper and Tom Betlach on Crisis Now and Retreat models of Urgent/Emergency Mental Health.

2018-07-19_23-26-20Crisis/Urgent/Emergency Mental Health 1 – In June, with NHS Clinical Commissioners and International Initiative for MH Leadership (IIMHL).

2018-07-06_9-49-10National Rally to Prevent Suicide – Emcee on the steps of the US Capitol, with Congressman Don Beyer, over 500 supporters, spearheaded by AFSP.

2018-07-06_9-40-28National Council for Behavioral Health Excellence Awards – Crisis Tech 360, a BHL/RI joint venture receives Qualifacts Excellence in Technology award.


2017-12-20_20-38-29The Way Forward: Federal Action for a System That Works – Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee (ISMICC) Report to Congress.

2017-08-15_16-58-15Zero Applied: From Int’l Declaration to Local Action – After ZSI3, more than 70 leaders published the guide to local implementation.

2017-08-04_17-53-46UK Guardian Long Read: A World Without Suicide – In August, featured in story of “an ambitious initiative to reduce rates to zero.”

2017-05-25_8-58-47Congressional Representatives Host Crisis Now Briefing – In May,  hosted by Reps. Napolitano (D) and Katko (R) with the National Action Alliance.

2017-03-12_20-17-56Zero Suicide International 3 Summit – In February, hosted 15 nations in Sydney partnering with Suicide Prevention Australia, AMP and the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL).


2016-10-02_16-45-43White House Making Health Care Better – Panels on Zero Suicide and Lived Experience (at 4:21 I comment it’s a watershed moment for the industry).

2016-10-13_13-44-33#RoundWorld Tour 2016 – Circled the northern hemisphere in September speaking on “Suicide a Choice?” in NY, London, Hong Kong, and Oregon.

zerosuicideSocial Work Podcast – Interview by Dr. Jonathan Singer for his popular all things social work website on Zero Suicide (downloaded 50,000+ times).

2016-03-02_16-23-24Crisis Now – In March, with Dr. Mike Hogan and the Action Alliance called for transformed crisis services to look more like emergency medical systems.

2016-03-11_15-08-52National Council Magazine – Editorial advisor for “Crisis to Recovery” special edition including multiple articles from the Action Alliance.

2016-02-18_17-46-36White House Men’s Health Summit – In January, Dialogue on Men’s Health, organized in part by Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas (at left).


2015-11-22_20-58-42White House Suicide Prevention Global Summit – In October spoke on the Zero Suicide initiative at Partnerships for Suicide Prevention event.

2015-11-22_20-59-38Zero Suicide International 2 Summit – In September, hosted 13 nations in Atlanta partnering with the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP).

2015-04-29_23-12-23 abcRISE Award – In April, Mercy Care plan recognized RI’s “Arrow” Foster for his contributions to health, wellness and peer education.

finalZero Suicide Update at the Pentagon – Alongside Dr. Mike Hogan and UHS’ SVP Karen Johnson presented to the Action Alliance in January.


2016-02-18_19-52-31White House Briefing on MH & Suicide Prevention – In September, participated in special briefing and Q&A event hosted by Obama administration.

2015-04-07_13-34-46Zero Suicide International 1 Summit – In June, hosted four nations in Oxford UK, partnering with the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) and EDC’s Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

10265604_10204207346852038_1414371797563785424_oNational Council Impact Awards – BHL winner in Excellence in Health IT and received a $10,000 award for its “Air Traffic Control” model.


Capture Phoenix Business Journal’s Health Care Heroes – Finalist for the Researcher/Innovator Award for outcomes dashboards and suicide care programs.

2015-04-08_0-10-21Toward a Peer-Driven System – Magellan Health breakthrough plan for investing $27 million in Arizona state funds for peer and family roles.


Capture Council of State Governments Innovations – Magellan Health’s Zero Suicide national winner after Western Regional finals in Edmonton, Canada.

Capture Jed Foundation Evening of Infinite Possibilities – Magellan Health honored in NYC for suicide prevention, anti-bullying and Hero Health Hire program.

Capture3National Council Magazine – Editorial advisor for “Suicide Prevention is Everybody’s Business: Not Another Life to Lose” special edition.

Capture Mental Health Weekly – Magellan Health’s Integrated Health Home showcased in the Special Issue, MH Innovations, “Arizona Co-located Care Models.”

CaptureNational Council Awards of Excellence – Magellan Health’s Zero Suicide winner in Excellence in Service Innovation in Chicago.


Capture International Association of Suicide Prevention – Magellan Health Peter Lee Good Practices in Suicide Prevention international award winner in Beijing.

2015-06-11_2-58-40Suicide Care in Systems Framework – With Dr. Mike Hogan and the  Action Alliance publish road map for Zero Suicide in Healthcare.

CaptureArizona Governor Jan Brewer Press Event – Launches the Magellan Integrated Health Home (IHH) program at East Valley clinic (see pictures).

Capture2 Behavioral Healthcare Magazine Exclusive – Dennis Grantham “Dispelling the Myths about Suicide” and the Magellan Health model in Arizona.


Capture4 Magellan Health National Clinical Excellence – Arizona team receives top honor for overall excellence and innovation.

Capture6 Behavioral Healthcare Magazine Exclusive – Dennis Grantham feature article “Magellan, Maricopa Pass Contract Midpoint.”


Capture5Council of State Governments Innovations – Magellan Health’s MyLife youth advocacy and leadership program regional finalist in Santa Fe.

Capture40Mental Health Weekly – BHL showcased in Special Issue, MH Innovations, “GA Crisis System Demonstrates Efficiencies during Challenging Times.”

CaptureBusiness Week Magazine – “How the Government Can Do Good With Less” Role models in efficiency, Crisis & Access Line, State of Georgia.

Capture Harvard Innovations in America Government – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line regional finalist, endorsed by Governor Sonny Perdue.

Capture37Pew Charitable Trusts – “Hotline Aims to Cut MH Costs” “Even as the recession chips away, Georgia’s around-the-clock psychiatric hotline is weathering the storm — and other states are watching closely.”

Capture36NAMI Grading the States – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line recognized in the 2009 Report on America’s Health Care System for SMI.


Capture35State News Magazine – Georgia Crisis & Access Line highlighted to all state legislators, governors, top elected officials, agency heads, and more.

Capture34 Council of State Governments Innovations – The Georgia Crisis & Access Line innovations award national winner in Oklahoma City.

Capture33 Clinician’s Research Digest, An APA Journal – Supp. Bulletin 39, “Improving Access to BH Services: The Georgia Crisis & Access Line.”

Capture32 CARF “Promising Practice” Newsletter – Georgia Crisis & Access Line model featured as behavioral health best practice.


Capture31 NASMHPD “Brag & Steal” Spotlight – With Georgia Commissioner Gwendolyn Skinner and Dr. John Draper in Scottsdale.

Capture20SAMHSA Crisis Center Award – Outstanding crisis center for community engagement in the large call volume category.


2017-01-05_11-06-54Churches That Dared to Change – Featured in and authored cover article in May Plain Truth Magazine on spiritual abuse and psychological trauma. Grace Community International no longer prints, but the 8 million publication was significant at the time.


2016-12-28_21-21-50RI International (2013 to present) – The innovations above were created by Sue Ann Atkerson, Lindsay Branine, Charles Browning, Tom Castellanos, Paul Galdys, Stephanie Hepburn, Lisa St. George, Amy Pugsley, Jamie Sellar and many others.

10265604_10204207346852038_1414371797563785424_oBehavioral Health Link (2002 to present) – The innovations above were created by Joe Cordero, Gina Gibson, Gregg Graham, Wendy Farmer, Allison Trammell and many others.

Capture100Magellan Health (2009 to 2013) – The innovations above were created by Karen Chaney, Justin Chase, Richard Clarke, Chris Damle, Paul Galdys, Shareh Ghani, Gabriella Guerra, Michelle Bedinghaus, Shawn Thiele, Gaye Tolman and many others.


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