The Retreat Model

In general, even when in great distress, people can be very wary of getting support in a crisis if it means overnight care in a facility. This Associated Press story from 1958 is an example of why…

AP Exclusive: Psychiatric Hospital Called “Hell:” “Behind tall brick walls and secure windows, hundreds of patients at the state’s largest psychiatric hospital live in conditions that fail US health and safety standards. ‘Going there was like going to hell…'” Read more

#AAS19 in Denver and… Both/And

It’s been almost 20 years since the presidential election photo finish in Florida: Exactly half voted for George Bush and the other half preferred Al Gore. The fiasco of counting chads did not dissuade us from looking at populations and simplifying our world by collapsing them into two groups. It’s the zeitgeist, now more than ever. I’m generally dubious. It just seems to me that we’re much more alike than we’re different.

But after reading each of the 525 responses to our #AAS18 Washington DC post-conference survey, I think maybe I’m finally convinced! Read more

The Business Case for Crisis Now

We live in an age of fear of mental health crises; when movie goers may feel compelled to scan the audience before taking a seat, and a Senator files a wrongful death suit against his state to ensure that his personal tragedy is not repeated. The fact is, as the DHHS states, only 3-5% of violent acts can be attributed to individuals living with a serious mental illness (SMI), and those with SMI are 10 times more likely to be victims of violent crimes than the general population. Read more

Is Suicide Really a Choice?

Some things go without saying. Some things are so obvious. They are just the plain truth.

For example, I look in the mirror every morning and see a full, healthy head of hair. From my one person vantage point, it seems true. Occasionally, I’ll be in an elevator and catch a glimpse in a mirror looking down from above, and I’m like- hey, who’s that guy?!

Another example of what appears to be obvious. The earth is flat. Read more

The Crisis Call Center Hub

In 2013, Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds told CNN that he was alive for just one reason: to work for change in mental health. Just a week earlier, his son “Gus” stabbed him 10 times and then ended his own life by suicide. This happened only hours after a mental health evaluation determined that Guss needed more intensive services, but unfortunately, he had to be released from custody before the appropriate services could be found. Read more