Zero Suicide

In 2018, Zero Suicide International launched to tell the story of the global summits, the publications and research developed and/or inspired by these gatherings and the principle founders and champions who have led the effort. In partnership with 113 Suicide Prevention in the Netherlands, we’re hosting the fourth ZSI summit in Rotterdam (event website at with user name 113 and password zerosuicide).

Zero Suicide is a global movement that has mobilized professionals in the field of suicide prevention across the globe to cooperate in research and share prevention  “ Beyond the Tipping Point” is the fourth international summit where we will come together to share our thoughts and knowledge in our belief that suicide is preventable. This year the summit will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

During this two day event, you will meet other suicide prevention experts and professionals from all over the world. In addition, you will have the opportunity to listen to a range of speakers sharing their valuable experience and providing inspiration. The intention is to be as interactive as possible to ensure we enable practitioners in  the field to take action together.

Let’s join together and continue the worldwide networking and learning as we pursue this audacious dream. We are excited about a growing global movement of healthcare and suicide prevention leaders.

Download the International Declaration document here.